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Our advisors, brokers and banks will find the best conditions for your mortgage novation.

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Mortgage capital raise
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Do you want to request more capital than you currentaly have outstanding on your mortgage? Don't worry, we have the solution.

Thanks to our auction system you can increase the capital of your mortgage, and even improve the current conditions.Just register and let the banks compete with each other to offer you the best deals.

Fast, online and totally free!

How we get the best mortgage capital raises

Introduce yourself

All you need is your ID card. Our software connects with the relevant organizations to obtain your CIRBE, employment status, income, and all other necessary paperwork. We will treat your information confidentially and securely.

Is there a better

Banks have 3 days to bid for you. By registering you will have access to a dashboard where you can follow the evolution of your mortgage in real time and see how they improve their conditions. You will be able to compare between multiple real offers without fine print!

Choose the best mortgage

You can accept an offer at any time, or wait until the 3 days are up and choose a winner! Only then will we share your contact details with the winning bank or broker, so that you can continue with the next steps of the mortgage.

Formalise your new mortgage

Once you have chosen the perfect mortgage for you, the bank or broker will contact you to proceed with the next steps to formalise the loan.

Transparent, simple and fast!

We realized during the pandemic that our house needed sprucing up

Your house, or your life, or whatever you want, is asking for a boost. You just have to enjoy it

Why trust Colibid?


Because if your needs change, so could your mortgage

You know you are eligible for new financing that best suits your current needs. Just sign up and see how banks compete with each other to offer you the best option for you.

Imagine all the things you could do in your home after this refinancing!

Your time is also important

Your duties do not start at 09:00 and finish at 14:00, and you can't afford to spend weeks waiting for someone to assist you either!

With Colibid you can get the best mortgage conditions in just 3 days. Without visiting banks, without queuing, and without waiting.

It’s free

We believe there is a better way of doing things. A way that is fair and respectful of family savings.

With us you will be able to get the mortgage you deserve comfortably and free of charge.

They’ve already tried it

and they’ve already bought a house in Spain

Adriana García
32 years old

The fact that you choose the bank rather than the bank choosing you is a real bonus! Using Colibid has been a great decision, allowing me to be the one who chooses what suits me best out of the several offers.

Fixed rate: 2.9%
>3 years mortgage
Up to 3,000€ saved

Lucía González
30 years old

With salaries as low as they currently are, it’s really hard to find a mortgage. The best thing about Colibid is that it gives you realistic options without further ado than simply registering. It has saved my life.

Fixed rate: 2.3%
>2 years mortgage
Up to 2,000€ saved

Pedro Martínez
35 years old

Getting a mortgage is like going through hell, so when I learned about Colibid, a new door opened up for me. The whole process is a lot simpler, faster and more efficient. What a discovery!

Fixed rate: 3.5%
>5 years mortgage
Up to 6,000€ saved

Sergio Muñoz y Carla Colomar
38 y 36 years old

Thanks to Colibid we were able to choose the offer that best suited our preferences, without paperwork or complications. They manage to make a bureuacratic issue accessible and easily understandable.

Fixed rate: 3.4%
>4 years mortgage
Up to 5,000€ saved

Did you know that you can apply for a mortgage increase with better conditions? What would you do with that money?

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Reasonable questions to ask yourself before applying for a mortgage capital raise

How much does it cost to use Colibid?

Nothing! Our service is completely free of charge and with no strings attached.
Our fees are paid for by the banks. Some brokers may also ask for a commission for their services, but not all of them do and will definitely not charge anything if their offer is not the best. You’ll always have the last word!

How many offers will I receive?

Most of our clients usually receive more than 4 different mortgage offers, but it really depends on how attractive your profile is to the banks. There are clients who receive more than 15 different offers, and other people who, unfortunately, don't receive any bids at all...
We don’t interfere in the natural course of the auction.

What expenses does getting a mortgage entail?

Today’s your lucky day! Not that long ago, this answer would have been longer, but thanks to the legislative reform of the mortgage law of 2019, you will only have to pay for the simple note of registration of property, the valuation of the property, and the bonds.

The AJD taxes, the notary's office, the land registry, and the agency, are paid for by the bank where you open the mortgage.

What percentage of the mortgage can I borrow?

Los bancos suelen conceder hasta el 80% cogiendo como base el valor menor entre la tasación y valor de compra del inmueble. Para determinados perfiles y operaciones, se pueden conseguir tasas de financiación del 90% o incluso del 100%
Brokers or intermediaries can obtain higher financing percentages, or better conditions than a private individual, as they have a higher volume of operations and agreements with the banks.

How is Colibid different to a mortgage comparison site?

The bids you receive at the Colibid auction are real mortgage offers from certified banks and brokers. Therefore, all bids are 100% real and fully customised for you. In contrast, mortgage comparison sites only offer approximate results of the conditions that your mortgage could have, based on generic offers put forward by banks.

What happens if I don't receive an offer that I like?

It's OK. If the offers you receive don't meet your expectations, you don't have to commit to any of them. We guarantee the best mortgages on the market, but... when the best is not good enough for you... you can quit the process whenever you want (at no cost, of course).

What are the different types of mortgages?

Fixed-rate mortgages. When the interest rate does not change during the agreed term, so the instalments will always be the same.

Variable rate mortgages: the monthly instalments change over time depending on the Euribor, in each review period. The advantages are that the instalments are lower at the beginning, and even more so now that the rates are negative. On the other hand, you cannot know what will happen in the future, and the quantity of your instalments will depend on the evolution of the interest rates.

Mixed-rate mortgages: this is when the mortgage combines a fixed rate with a variable rate. Normally the first years it is a fixed rate, and then it changes to a variable rate.

What’s the expiry date of a mortgage?

It’s the maximum term set for repaying the amount requested in your mortgage. The amount of the instalments is calculated on the basis of the interest and the time taken to repay the loan. Although you can always cancel the mortgage by paying off your debt before the expiry date.