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We make banks compete with each other to offer you the best mortgage

Yes, this is 100% real

We have created a system where banks compete for you, to ensure that you get the best mortgage conditions. Free, fast and safe.

No bureaucracy

Income, work experience report, CIRBE… You don't need them. Just bring your ID card and we’ll take care of the rest.

More clarity

Clear language and clear process. It's a mortgage, not rocket science.

Fast, secure and free

Save time, money and hassle. You’ll be in control of your mortgage loan.


Total freedom to decide

You know best what’s best for you. Don’t let anyone else decide for you.

Colibid’s process

Colibid’s process



Register: it takes 4 minutes and you’ll only need your ID card

This is not a joke. In order to request a mortgage, you’ll just need your ID card and 4 minutes to spare. Our software will connect with the Bank of Spain, the Social Security and Hacienda so that you don’t have to worry about all the paperwork.


Banks are given 3 days to bid on your mortgage. Is there a better offer?

Banks are given 3 days to bid on you and to try and get you on board with their offer. How will they do this? By giving you a better offer than their competitors! You’ll be able to access your auction at any time to see how the proposed conditions evolve and improve.


Go for the highest bidder

You can select the best offer and we’ll notify the winning bank. This is 100% free and you won’t have to commit to anything at this stage. You’re in control at all times.


Sign your mortgage transparently and quickly

It's time for you to meet the chosen bank or broker so you can formalize the mortgage. Transparent, simple and fast!

We’re the only mortgage auction platform. With Colibid, banks compete amongst themselves to offer you the best mortgage conditions

*this font is very large because we don’t believe in small print

Why would you choose Colibid?

Let’s see what applying for a mortgage looks like:

with colibid

  • Register with only your ID card. No paperwork needed.
  • You received a range of real offers in just 3 days
  • Banks are the ones that compete for you. You don't wear yourself out negotiating.
  • All information and conditions shown in a transparent way.
  • You choose a mortgage in record time. It's free and without any obligation.

*Are you still reading the column in the right?

without Colibid

  • You sign up to a thousand platforms, just to compare the different generic offers.
  • You visit the office of your lifelong bank.
  • You don't receive any offers because you lack documentation.
  • You spend days researching how to get all the documents you need
  • Work experience report? How do I get that?
  • You make another appointment now you have the documentation
  • Wait 5 days for them to analyse your profile and send you their proposal.
  • You make an appointment at another bank that your brother-in-law told you about.
  • They can't help you as you are missing more paperwork that the first bank didn't ask for but this bank needs.
  • You cry inconsolably as you pray for your boss to let you leave early again to go to the bank before they shut.
  • You manage to deliver everything and the second bank makes you an offer, during which time the first one has already responded to you
  • Thank goodness it's the bank you've been with all your life…you see if you can get a small reduction in your mortgage installments.
  • The real estate agency calls you. You're going to lose the apartment if you don't get a mortgage quickly.
  • You contact a mortgage broker to see if this will speed things up.
  • You compare the 3 offers you receive…none of them are similar to what the comparators suggested
  • You choose the least bad one, because you don't have time to look at more options.

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average amount saved as a result of using colibid

They’ve already tried it

and they’ve already bought a house in Spain

Lucía González
30 years old

With salaries as low as they currently are, it’s really hard to find a mortgage. The best thing about Colibid is that it gives you realistic options without further ado than simply registering. It has saved my life.

Fixed rate: 2.3%
>2 years mortgage
Up to 2,000€ saved

Pedro Martínez
35 years old

Getting a mortgage is like going through hell, so when I learned about Colibid, a new door opened up for me. The whole process is a lot simpler, faster and more efficient. What a discovery!

Fixed rate: 3.5%
>5 years mortgage
Up to 6,000€ saved

Sergio Muñoz y Carla Colomar
38 y 36 years old

Thanks to Colibid we were able to choose the offer that best suited our preferences, without paperwork or complications. They manage to make a bureuacratic issue accessible and easily understandable.

Fixed rate: 3.4%
>4 years mortgage
Up to 5,000€ saved

Adriana García
32 years old

The fact that you choose the bank rather than the bank choosing you is a real bonus! Using Colibid has been a great decision, allowing me to be the one who chooses what suits me best out of the several offers.

Fixed rate: 2.9%
>3 years mortgage
Up to 3,000€ saved


Questions that you surely ask yourself before getting a mortgage

How is Colibid different to a mortgage comparison site?

The bids you receive at the Colibid auction are real mortgage offers from certified banks and brokers. Therefore, all bids are 100% real and fully customised for you. In contrast, mortgage comparison sites only offer approximate results of the conditions that your mortgage could have, based on generic offers put forward by banks.

What type of mortgage can I ask for?

You can apply for a new mortgage or improve the conditions of the one you already have (either by subrogating your loan or by taking out a new mortgage and paying off the old one).
Unfortunately, our service does not offer self-promoting loans, but sign up for our newsletter! We are working on it and will let you know as soon as they are available.

What are the different types of mortgages?

Fixed-rate mortgages. When the interest rate does not change during the agreed term, so the instalments will always be the same.

Variable rate mortgages: the monthly instalments change over time depending on the Euribor, in each review period. The advantages are that the instalments are lower at the beginning, and even more so now that the rates are negative. On the other hand, you cannot know what will happen in the future, and the quantity of your instalments will depend on the evolution of the interest rates.

Mixed-rate mortgages: this is when the mortgage combines a fixed rate with a variable rate. Normally the first years it is a fixed rate, and then it changes to a variable rate.

What’s the amortization fee of a mortgage?

It is the monthly amount that you’ll need to pay the bank for your mortgage. Part of this payment will be the full repayment of the amount you have requested and the other part will be the interest the bank charges you for lending you the money.

What differences are there between the NIR and the APR interests?

NIR: the fixed percentage you pay for the money you borrow, which doesn’t include any fees or handling charges associated with the loan.
APR: an indicator used to compare the effective cost of two or more loans. It includes the fees and expenses of the operation.

What are mortgage linkages?

Some banks can offer the mortgage loan together with other products. There are many different types of linkages, but the most common ones are direct deposit of the salary, home insurance and life insurance.

You’re only a step away from finding the right mortgage

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